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Communication Manager

MSc in technical or business degree with experience in marketing communications-Ability to develop communication plans-Ability to develop communication tools -Experience with the use of plastics and composite materials-Able to work independently-Proactive-Excellent in English

Job objective:
Being the face of the EA in its day-to-day contact with key stakeholders (Members, Composite industry, End users , Press, Universities and EUCIA) The Communication Manager is the first line contact for redirecting questions from key stakeholders, and for product and technology inquiries. The Communication manager will develop a clear communication strategy and maintain develop key EA communication tools.

Key responsibilities
· Promote the use of light weight composite solutions
· Help to generate leads for new business applications and help grow the total market
· Represent EA in its daily contact with key stakeholders
· Respond to email inquiries on product and technology support, and pass on to EA members
· Redirect questions from OEMs End-customers, politicians and press to EA Board/ EA members
· Understand key stakeholders and their needs
· Subsequently, develop appropriate communication plans, including definition of clear communication objectives and tools
· Maintain/ develop EA communication tools, including EA web site, key presentations and brochures
· Safeguard use of EA brand and logo
· Organize EA key events, including Board meetings, shareholder meetings, and EA conferences
· Manage EA communication budget

Reporting line
The Communication Manager will report to the EA Board and work in close cooperation with EUCIA office manager

Job size
0.5 FTE.
Contract on Freelance base

Home office and/or office Brussels

Education and experience
· MSc in technical or business degree
· 3-5 year experience in marketing communications
· Ability to develop communication plans, incl. stakeholder mapping
· Ability to develop communication tools both in content and in format
· Experience with the use of plastics and composite materials in transportation and/ or electrical end-use markets
· Self-starter, able to work independently
· Proactive communicator
· Excellent in English both in writing and verbal

Caractéristiques Pas de travail à distance
Pas de déplacement à prévoir
Temps de travail :Temps partiel
Pays sous le droit duquel la mission sera effectué : Belgique

Période :

Début : 2015-06-01
Fin : 2017-06-01
Durée : 2 ans

Bénéficiaire de la mission : Moi-même / Ma Société

Caractéristiques du candidat idéal

Localisation géographique de la mission : 1030 Bruxelles be

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